Our highest recognition for the DIG EAT ALL 2014 Demo Day Winning Teams

1. Usenns by Bitbrain

Suite of patented, neuroscience based technologies allowing brands to understand the emotional impact that their visuals (packages, ads and any other communication element) create on their target customers. Developed by a top team led by Maria Lopez (MBA, PhD) and Javier Minguez (PhD).

2. ChefXChange

ChefXchange is a trusted online marketplace for Foodies to search, discover, and book a private chef all around the world – online or from a mobile phone. Under the leadership of foodies Marc Washington and Karl Naim, ChefXChange brings the world to your plate.

3. Anything But Salads

Anything But Salads is a Hong Kong based health foods company specializing in premium quality gourmet superfoods under the leadership of Calista Goh. Watch out for their addictive rawnola as they expand globally!!